Stoned APE Theory

stoned ape theory

This might sound intensely intriguing to you at first, you might be tempted to laugh at it , but give it a second to settle in. After all, this man put an awful lot of effort into this theory and the science bitches around the world haven’t been able to ...

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Horseshoe UFO spotted over North Korea

horseshoe ufo korea

September 15, 2015 : Take a look at this unusual looking UFO spotted in North Korea, some time earlier in Sept 15, 2015. It does resemble the shape of Horseshoe. The video has hit YouTube only last week, take a look at the video : Also check out the other ...

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5 Scariest Mental Asylums in North America

mental asylums

What if I tell you there are real mental asylums, most currently inhabited or demolished which can be likened to the Arkham asylum in Gotham city, or the Asylum that’s hallucinated by Leonardo DiCaprio in “Shutter Island”? Interested? I’ll have you introduced to some of them through this article. Switch ...

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UFOs spotted over the Black Sea

russia ufo

October 5, 2015 : Here is a TV report showing different kinds of UFO spottings happening over Balaklava, Russia. The video is in Russian, but it has subtitles. Do watch it for yourselves and decide. One interesting thing from the video is that Russian military bases are situated in that area. So ...

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Bright UFO spotted over Arizona

arizona ufo

October 30, 2015 : Take a look at this interesting bright object caught on tape, hovering over the sky above Bullhead City, Arizona. As per the witness, the UFO was observed for more than 30 minutes. They were bright intense, changing lights and changed to two objects than back to one. ...

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